Use AI to convert more product trials

Winware's AI Revenue Optimization platform helps SaaS Growth teams identify user behavior insights that help them grow product trial conversions

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The Problem

You don't know what user behaviors drive product trial conversions

You have a mountain of data on how trial users engage with your product. But you lack insights into which specific behaviors correlate to product trail conversions.

The Solution

Let us identify the aha product moments that drive trial conversions

Winware's AI analyzes your user data to identify the exact user experiences that compel product trial users to convert to paid customers. We use these insights to generate recommendations that guide your trial users to the product features that -- once experienced-- make them more likely to convert.

Winware's AI analyzes user data
transform user data

Transform user data into conversion insights
and revenue

compel product trial users to buy

Know which product features compel product trial users to buy

know which trial users to reach out to

Know which trial users to reach out to — and what to tell them

Optimize conversions. Accelerate revenue.

Converting more trial users to paying customers is the fastest way to grow ARR.
Additional ARR

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