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Winware helps you capture more leads in two ways:

How It Works

Start Generating Leads Immediately

With only 5 minutes of setup time, you’ll start capturing high-quality leads from your content.

Step 1

Capture feedback from your content viewers

Add Winware to your site and you can automatically add a feedback request button to your content. You’ll get the option of 3 different types of CTAs:

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Step 2

Collect feedback on your content from your ICP

Use Winware’s screener to only capture feedback from your target personas:

Capture screened MQLs
Get feedback on existing content
Get ideas for new content topics
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Step 3

Capture actionable feedback on your content

Winware uses AI to analyze the customer feedback on your content and provide you with actionable feedback and ideas.

Insights organized by blog, topics and by persona
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Winware is SOC2 & GDPR certified to keep your data safe.


Drive More Leads From Your Content Today

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