Grow trial conversions. Reduce churn. Automatically.

Use Machine Learning to reveal the product experiences that compel your customers to buy and renew. Then automatically drive your users to those great experiences so they buy and renew more often.

How we help

The Problem

You don't know which product experiences delight customers

You have a mountain of data on how customers engage with your product. But you lack actionable insights into which specific experiences correlate to better customer health scores and renewal rates.

our Solution

Use Machine Learning to uncover your best product experiences

Analyze your product usage data to identify the experiences that compel users to adopt and renew. And then push product usage recommendations to your users to drive adoption and renewals.

How it works

Understand how users engage with your product

Use our lightweight javascript tracker to record every click as users engage with your product. Start collecting data in 60 minutes — no integrations required.

We are SOC2 certified, so your data is safe with us.

The problems
The problems

Identify "aha moment" product experiences that drive purchases, upgrades, and renewals

Let our Machine Learning software analyze your product usage to identify the specific user behaviors that correlate to your business goals, such as trial signups, purchases, upgrades, and renewals.

Generate unique insights for each segment of your customer base.

Guide your users to your best product experiences

Automatically nudge your users to the superior product experiences that compel them to try, buy, upgrade, and renew.

Use our in-app notification widget or your existing user engagement platforms.

Close the loop by reporting which users implement your recommendations.

The solution
Transform trial users

Understand what your best product experiences look like

Know what product they are interested int

Know which customers to reach out to — and what to tell them

know when to reach out

No integrations. Start in minutes. SOC 2 secure.

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