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Winware captures feedback on your website and marketing collateral from your ideal customers. It then uses AI to summarize their views and suggest changes to increase effectiveness.

“I love it! I haven’t seen a product that makes it this easy to capture qualified leads and content feedback at scale. Those two value props combined are powerful..”

Kelsey Aina
Principal Head of Startup Growth

"Winware is a game-changer for lead generation. The conversion rate on my content doubled and the feedback I received was invaluable. I couldn't live without Winware."

Jeff Stillman
Founder, CEO at OneUp Growth

"Marketing teams need better ways to generate leads off content. Winware solves that problem with a clear ROI."

Sean Ellis
Author, Hacking Growth

“We got immediate results from our first campaign with Winware at a dramatically lower CPL.”

Shawn Cantor
Co-Founder & COO at Certemy

Capture feedback from your ICP:

Winware has created a panel of test participants called, WinwareResearch.
  • We require LinkedIn authentication to validate profile information.
  • We also allow you to create screener questions to set up your target persona.

Test collateral on your own list:

  • Existing customers
  • Sales prospects

Easily capture feedback on marketing collateral:

  • Homepage
  • Landing pages
  • Product videos
  • Marketing collateral

AI-generated Recommendations:

Winware uses AI to analyze the customer feedback on your content. Summaries are organized by collateral piece and by persona.

Winware then generates new topic ideas and new content based on that customer feedback.

Certemy uses Winware to reduce their CPL by 50%

Transform feedback into better marketing collateral, automatically.

High Quality Leads
Actionable Feedback
New Content Ideas