Under 2,500 MAUs is Free
2,501 - 5,000 MAUs is Free
5,001 - 10.000 MAUs is Free
Insights Generator: User Retention
Connect your event data source(s) or use Winware for front-end and back-end event capture
User & Account Tracking
(Up to 500 accounts)
Unlimited Winware Login Accounts
Product Usage Event Types
(Top 50 most used)


All the Features in the Free Plan
Insights Generator: Trial Conversion
Insights Generator: Churn Prevention
Automated Messaging Integrations
(CRM, Email, In-app, etc)
User & Account Tracking: Unlimited
Product Usage Event Types
(Top 250 most used)
Professional Set-Up Included: Winware Growth Team will set up Winware for you or work with your team to set it up.


All the Features in the Professional Plan
Customized Model Optional
Unlimited Product Usage Event Types
Custom TOS Available Upon Request

*Monthly Active Users (MAUs): end-users who take any action inside your product in a calendar month