Winware Pre-Seed Funding Announcement

Winware raises $3M to help SaaS companies use Machine Learning to drive more revenue

Winware Pre-Seed Funding Announcement
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Winware uses Machine Learning to identify a SaaS product's "aha moment" user experiences. We then close the loop by automatically driving users to those great experiences so they buy and upgrade more often. This pre-seed funding round will help us refine our product and grow our team.

The problem we solve

When building my last SaaS business, we experienced first-hand the pain that we solve with Winware. We knew that great product experiences drive signups, purchases, upgrades, and renewals. While we had tons of product usage data, we lacked actionable insights into what experiences were driving conversions. We also needed automation to drive users to those experiences and move the needle on conversions. I started Winware to solve this problem.

I spent several months confirming the universal nature of this problem with hundreds of SaaS leaders. More recently, we developed an initial product that we’re now testing and refining with early beta customers. I’m thrilled with the early feedback. I’m convinced we’ve discovered a huge opportunity, and we’re now on a mission to make Winware the leading provider in this new software category we’re calling AI Revenue Optimization.

Our solution

Winware creates cohorts of SaaS product users who achieve desired business goals, such as trial signups, purchases, upgrades, and renewals. Our machine learning software then identifies the product experiences that correlate to those users who achieve the desired goal. We then use our in-app notification system and our client’s customer engagement platforms to drive users to those experiences in order to accelerate revenue. The bottom line is we make it easy for SaaS Marketing, Sales, and Success teams to find and use previously unavailable user data to unlock hidden revenue across the customer lifecycle. Simply put, we sell revenue. Learn more at

Our opportunity

Per Statista, the US SaaS market was $152B in 2021 growing to $208B by 2023. There are currently 15,000 US-based SaaS companies. More appear monthly as legacy software providers upgrade their platforms and new startups enter the space. Like my prior company, all these businesses have a strong need for a product like Winware.

Our funding

I’m grateful to have found an amazing team of venture firms and investors that love our vision and will help us deliver on our mission. Our pre-seed funding round was led by Oceans Ventures. Individual investors include John Raeder, Jeff Epstein, Satya Patel (Homebrew Ventures), Nihal Mehta (Eniac Ventures) and Jon Kaplan (FalconX). I’m also pleased to announce that Jeff has also joined our board. Additionally, Jeff Gothelf and Josh Seiden (co-authors of several books, including Lean UX) and Becky Buck (co-founder of Forge Studio) have joined as advisors.

To everyone who’s been on this journey with us so far – thank you. We can’t wait to bring this transformational product to market and help usher in a new era of AI-driven revenue optimization.

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